English to Hebrew translations

Aleph Bet

I am a native speaker of Hebrew and an experienced editor, translator and writer. I offer high quality translations and other services in a number of fields.

List of services

* Translation  * Post-editing * Editing * Proofreading

Fields of expertise

– Social sciences and humanities

– Educational resources

– Technical translations

– Website translations

– IT & Software translations

– PR & ad campaigns

– General business documents

– Letters and personal documents

 About me

I have been editing in Hebrew and translating English to Hebrew since 1998, when I started working as an editor for Haaretz newspaper. Since then, I have worked with a variety of publishers, charities, academics and companies. My present focus is scientific editing in Hebrew as well as various types of English-Hebrew translations.

I offer a sharp-eyed proofreading for your translations and promise timely work under tight deadlines.

For a quote, please send me a text sample to my email: yael@yaelarbell.co.uk.

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